Architects & Engineers

With the acquisition of Petty Burton Associates, an award-winning broker with more than 25 years of service to the design professional community, William H. Connolly & Co. became one of the country’s leading specialist insurance brokers representing architects, engineers and related construction consultants.


We provide expert services to our clients to:

  • Prepare applications to positively influence underwriters and capitalize on premium credits and coverage advantages.
  • Examine coverage forms and policies to personalize and coordinate based on individual client needs.
  • Negotiate favorable terms with underwriters through comprehensive discussions and favored relationships with underwriters.
  • Issue certificates of insurance accurately and promptly.
  • Provide knowledgeable risk management advice and current, extensive information on practice and insurance issues.
  • Review owner/client contracts for insurability and risk management suggestions.
  • Facilitate claim reporting, monitor status of claims and identify trends and patterns.
  • Provide in-house risk management seminars.

For More Information:


We will be pleased to meet with you for a consultation and insurance review. We will gladly supply client references.