William H. Connolly & Co. has expertise in insurance programs for financial institutions including de novo banks, established community banks, securities broker dealers and hedge funds. For the past fifteen years, we have established a niche in setting up superior insurance programs for these institutions.

We understand the unique insurance coverage that financial institutions require. More importantly, we carefully craft an integrated insurance program that yields the best combination of coverage and premium savings.

We have access to all the major A rated insurance carriers specializing in providing these coverages:

  • Directors & Officers Liability
  • Securities Dealers Errors & Omissions Liability
  • A-Side Directors & Officers Liability
  • Securities Dealers Blanket Bond
  • Financial Institutions Bonds
  • STAMP Surety Bond
  • Debit/Credit Issuers Fraud Policy
  • Bankers Professional Liability
  • Broad Form Lender’s Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Security & Privacy Liability
  • Internet Banking Liability
  • Mortgage Impairment
  • Foreclosed/Force Placed Property and Liability

In addition to the specialized coverages listed above, William H. Connolly & Co. has the knowledge and access to the best markets for the property and casualty coverages a financial institution requires, such as Commercial Package, Business Auto – including Repossessed Auto, and Workers Compensation insurance.

Insurance Marketing and Placement

The application process can be complicated and daunting. We help simplify this by assisting our financial institution clients with the entire application process. We provide peer data reviews to help them assess adequate limits of insurance.

Claims Analysis

Our financial institution clients’ administrative burden is substantially reduced by our attention the claims process. We recognize that financial institutions’ claims very often trigger more than one coverage/policy. We work closely with the various insurance carriers involved to carefully monitor all Financial Institutions Professional Liability claims.

Financial Institution Client Services

One of the larger problems is trying to communicate insurance terms and coverage to a group of people with substantial business but not necessarily insurance background. William H. Connolly & Co. specializes in turning insurance questions into business terms allowing you and your board to make informed business decisions. We can meet with a financial institution’s Board of Directors to provide insurance program overviews. We provide white papers and advisories to keep our financial institution clients informed about trends and changes in the insurance marketplace that can affect them.

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