Colleges and universities, private and public schools, and independent and charter schools all have unique exposures to loss and special insurance requirements. William H. Connolly & Co. is a leader in identifying and assessing their unique exposures to loss and finding the right insurance products or funding mechanisms for protecting against those risks.

In representing many of the region’s colleges, private schools, public school boards and special institutions, we have demonstrated our expertise in all of the traditional Property and Casualty insurance areas such as Educators’ Legal and Employment Practices Liability, Workers’ Compensation and Property insurance.

Our real value to our clients lies in our ability to deal with emerging risks and issues such as:

  • The school and campus safety issues that are sometimes associated with tragically noteworthy events.
  • Educational opportunities in clinical settings that carry additional, unique Professional Liability exposures.
  • Travel abroad for students at both the college and secondary school levels. These educational opportunities carry with them significant additional exposure for loss.
  • Environmental Impairment issues that come with building renovation or new construction projects.
  • Cyber Security and Privacy issues which have been in the news a great deal lately. Educational institutions are among the most vulnerable to privacy breaches, hacking and the loss of personal information, all events that can be enormously expensive to an institution.

In designing insurance solutions for our educational clients, we have over the years helped to develop new coverages such as Catastrophe Expense insurance/Crisis Management Expense insurance, which addresses the voluntary costs incurred after a tragedy, costs not covered by even the most comprehensive Property and Liability insurance policies.

For More Information:

      A comprehensive review of your operations, plans for future activities and your current insurance program may well yield opportunities for improved protection against loss and significant cost reduction.